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A seed grows into a small trunk, and a branch that grows from it.

As a perch when you stop by and rest your feathers in your busy days.

People who sit down in the middle of the trip and do not usually mix with each other gather

A place that connects daily life and travel.
The smiles of the people I met overflowed, and I headed for the continuation of each journey.



The signature menu is handmade craft sausages, charcuterie such as hamburgers, bacon and sausages. Please enjoy it with Wakayama craft beer. In addition, we also have today's special menu sent directly from local farmers and fishermen.


In addition to draft beer, we have a special alcohol menu such as Wakayama craft beer and craft gin.
We also offer soft drinks such as mandarin orange juice from long-established mandarin orange farmers, black tea from Wakayama, and seasonal homemade drinks.
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