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Since our establishment in April 2015, based in Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture, we have been working to create a city with a higher degree of happiness through the utilization of idle real estate such as vacant lots and vacant houses that are increasing in the city. doing.


Wakayama Prefecture is a prefecture where the rate of vacant houses is increasing to the point that it ranks 3rd worst in Japan. The population has been declining since peaking in 1985, and is currently less than 360,000 in Wakayama City and less than 950,000 in Wakayama Prefecture. The aging of the population is progressing along with the declining population. However, people in Wakayama are generous and friendly. The food is delicious, and Wakayama City, where we are based, has both nature and urban elements, making it a perfect place to live. We want to be the driving force behind the development of Wakayama, which we love so much, into a city with a higher level of happiness.

Our reason for existence

Creating a happier city through the utilization of idle real estate in the city

our dream

We want to realize a world where people living and working in the city are loosely connected, feel the warmth of each other, and can lead a peaceful and fulfilling life in a relationship where they can help each other.

our belief

We are all equal, and we are a community that works together to nurture the city while sharing joys, sorrows, and happiness.

Our daily attitudes, small efforts, and the accumulation of each communication with others create encounters and empathy, expanding a world of loose connections and high levels of happiness.


Our Team

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Company Profile

Company Name

Wakayama Yamorisha Co., Ltd.

Head office location

〒640-8392  2287 Nakanoshima, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture

Office location

〒640-8111  5-6 Shindori, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture( Guesthouse RICO )


073-488-6989 ( Guesthouse RICO )



Miyahara  Takashi

Business content

Business and event production for urban revitalization in Wakayama

Business development and subleasing through renovation of idle real estate

Idle real estate utilization consulting and store design

Management of restaurants, leasing businesses, and lodging businesses

Area Produce/Area Management

​History Company background

November 2014

April 2015

September 2015

December 2015

December 2015

December 2015

Renovation School Wakayama proposes a complex building concept of Yutaka Building as a guest house, share house, restaurant, and co-working space.

Company formation

Room share "RICO HOUSE" opened, Wakayama University students started living

Guest house "Guesthouse RICO" opened

Guest house "Guesthouse RICO" opened

Guest house "Guesthouse RICO" opened

December 2015

Guest house "Guesthouse RICO" opened

December 2015

Guest house "Guesthouse RICO" opened

December 2015

Guest house "Guesthouse RICO" opened

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